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Discover the power of Pega in your own frontend, in a few lines of code!

What if you could seamlessly leverage the power of Pega in your own React, Angular or Android application? 


How does DX Bridge work?

01 /  Build

Build your microjourney in Pega by using either UI-Kit or Cosmos design systems. You want to reuse any of your functionalities developed previously in Pega 7 or early Pega 8 functionalities? No problem! Our expert engineers will help you with the migration and preparation of the code to be quickly reused!

02  /  Interpret

We leverage the DX API offered Out of the Box by Pega. But made the process easy and fast! We used the raw information provided by the APIs and we encapsulated them into ready-to-use JavaScript libraries that will kickstart your UI development!

03 / Run

It takes as little as a couple of lines of code and configuration to have the power of Pega running inside your Frontend of choice. But what if you want to customize the general look and feel or inject custom components? No problem! The DX Bridge is fully customizable for any of your requirements!


Why you need DX Bridge

Who likes silos?

Imagine your company has been using Pega successfully to implement many customer journeys, thanks to the powerful capabilities of Pega.


Would you like to reuse them in your banking portal, in your customer self-service center, or in your Android or IOS app? Maybe you tried the Mashup functionality, but you quickly realized that it could not cover all of your needs?

That's where the Pega DX API came to the rescue!

You can finally access many of the Pega functionalities from anywhere by invoking REST SERVICES. 


We know what you're thinking! "But if Pega is already providing the tools we need, why do we need the KE DX Bridge on the top"? Well, here's the trick! We like the Low Code idea so much that we copied it! We wrapped a lot (really, a lot) of complexity you'd face when using the Pega DX API and we allow you to kickstart your development with a couple of lines of code!



  • Multi-Instances : DXB is designed as a multi instance framework, this enables us to initialize and use as many instances as we need, each instance is completely isolated and has its own lifecycle, services, events, store and context.

  • Configuration : Customize the behavior of the framework, change the default convention, and override the built-in components.

  • Parser : The heart of DXB is a parsing engine that consumes Pega DX API into a structured schema, full coverage of Pega layouts and components.

  • Extension : Pega elements can be extended and changed to custom ones using extension feature.

  • Renderer : Framework agnostic generator that can be used with any major Javascript based application and integrate seamlessly with any major front-end framework, full custom web components schema based on Pega HTML.

  • Events service : Pega out-of-the-box-actions can be extended and customized to meet the requirements.

  • Validation service : DXB implements validations that Pega provides, it can be extended and overridden as needed.

* KE DX Bridge is a low code tool.

Additional code might be required depending on the complexity of your implementation.


  • Build once run anywhere – no more distinct and costly SDK​

  • Save up to 70% on cost of building web application front-end on top of Pega​

  • Radically lower costs of your migration from Pega DX V1 to V2​

  • Economy of scale across diverse IT ecosystem​

  • Zero conflict and ease of integration for front-end developers​​

Contact Us

Contact us

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